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Category: Mantras

motivational mantras

Motivational Mantras

Many people find it helpful to have a daily mantra. These sayings are often used to help people achieve success in a variety of areas,…

healing mantras

Healing Mantras

Chanting a healing mantra is a powerful way to heal yourself. These words are short phrases with intentions and powerful energy. When chanted, these healing…

yoga mantras

Yoga Mantras

You’ve probably heard of the practice of yoga mantras. While there are many different types of yoga mantras, all have a similar purpose: to focus…

root chakra mantras

Root Chakra Mantras

One of the most important practices for activating the root chakra is grounding yourself to the earth element. This can be done by taking a…

heart chakra mantras

Heart Chakra Mantras

Heart chakra mantras are very helpful tools to open the energy center of the body. They work on many different levels. They can balance the…