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No One Said Success Would Be Easy

No One Said Success Would Be Easy

By Sergei VanBellinghen

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When it comes down to it, no one ever said success would be easy, but if anyone did, it would be a lie. In reality, there exist no shortcuts or casual paths to succeed, no matter the value or meaning of the things you want. Yet, some people still believe they can find a loophole and get a stress-free ride.

Are you determined enough to be successful even when things are terrible? Are you someone who gives up the instant you hit a wall? Or are you the one that fights and discover an opportunity to turn that obstacle into a stepping stone to success? Are you willing to crawl just to keep moving forward?

I understand that many of us become frustrated and disappointed with the working world. As you grow up, it is an enormous disenchantment to realize that most of what you are taught by your relatives or peers about success is not the real facts.

You learn that you should just work hard at whatever job you get, and you can succeed. But when you are working hard at a position where you build someone else’s dream instead of yours, or your boss does not appreciate your efforts, you are getting no satisfaction or fulfillment.

I am not trying to push you to get a business on your own but to find a better avenue for your future. If you desire to be successful, then you have to begin preparing your mind to realize that success is not going to be an easy stroll through the park.

The Peaks and Valleys of Success
First, success comes with loving what you do. And like any admiring, it often means being passionate and persistent to accomplish your dreams. Set-backs, barriers, and failures will always be a part of any success and victory. You need to know it is all of those peaks and valleys that make success so rewarding and prodigious.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

In second, be attentive to your mindset because sometimes, it can become the main obstacle to your success. Your mind may come to tell you that you are not able to reach the goals you have set for yourself. And it especially happens when you stand in the midst of times of trouble.

The Tangible Term of Success
The moment that defines success is when you realize what type of warrior you really are. There is more to success than what meets the eye. Understand it is not only working hard because if it were, but millions of people around the world would also be much more successful than they are now.

Are you working for someone else? If yes, think about the investment of time and energy you are giving to someone else’s dream. You are building their vision, not yours. Of course, the definition of success is different for each of us. So, be aware of what your extraordinary efforts can get you in the long run.

If you do not obtain some benefits from driving your energy into your job, then it is time to reflect. Success should not be to exhaust yourself if all that investment on your part does not translate into some tangible achievement. It is non-sense to donate every waking moment to your job if you still get a miserable raise at the end.

The Ingredients of Success
The ingredients you always need to have for the journey to success are many but let sum up to the most important ones. These components can take you further than any other qualities. You need the power that no matter what, you keep going and conquer any obstacles in your way.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Ingredient of Success – Persistence
When you can put your mind to something and are willing to do whatever it takes, success can only follow. But you need a lot of patience, put in tons of time and often adjust your strategy to get there.

It is where you have to apply the “10 times rule,” from a great entrepreneur of our time, which is to expect ten times more than what you initially thought or calculated.

Ingredient of Success – Process
The process is a part of success. You cannot dwell on each setback or failure along with your journey, as they are merely stepping-stones to make you move forward and avoid the same mistake. Try to see them as lessons that shape who you are as you go.

Ingredient of Success – Fearlessness
Stop asking for easy ways or shortcuts, and break your belief that every successful people were born that way. The reality is that every successful person is fearless and ambitious. Fearlessness and boldness are components you should get more interested in.

Ingredient of Success – Courage
At times, moments of setback, loss, failure, and concern will come along the way. So when they do, make an effort to nourish your courage rather than fueling your fears. Parts of your journey to success will be hellish and challenging, but there is the only thing that makes it worse, and it is giving up.

Ingredient of Success – Vision
To be successful in everything you do and in life, you will need to have the vision to see it through. It means that you might have to battle, run, walk, and even crawl before you can fly. But if you have the drive and the willpower, not only will you win, but you will achieve success.

No one said success was going to be easy, but it is not impossible if you have the right mindset and understand, imagine, accept and overcome the challenges along your path to victory.

The Magic Ingredient of Success
Forget the good fortune of coming from a wealthy family, or having an excellent education in school as an element for success but instead realize that believing in yourself is the magic ingredient for it. Self-belief associated with sheer determination is what success and fulfillment are made of.

“Champions keep playing the game until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King

So, if you want to become a champion in your life, in anything you undertake or in your calling, keep moving forward. Learn to keep playing the game until you win, no matter what adversities you face. It is the only way you will ever achieve success!

Success Is Not Easy
Now, you can see that there is more to success than just hard work. And remember that if you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will likely become a leader. So the qualities to inspire others, as well as your determination and belief in what you are doing, will be the critical elements to your personal growth and success.

Remember also another important point! There will be days where your actions will be big ones, while other days, even doing your best will bring only very little. My advice is to keep moving forward with persistence until you reach success.

You are the captain of your ship called life, so you decide which way to sail. And if, on your journey to success, you have to battle, run, walk or even crawl, make sure that you care about what impact you make on others. So keep moving forward, and success will follow.